About RH Technologies

At rh We strive for greatness in order to give our clients the best quality at unbeatable Technology and personal approach That’s what brought us to be  Israel’s leading and  most advanced electronics manufacturing group, offering top  turn-key solutions of design, engineering, manufacturing and subcontracting services, for electronic production assemblies and systems to global customers in a diverse range of industries. We at rh believe that perfection is achieved as a result of partnership and we can offer you all the steps in you journey to success


Where Quality leads to Success

At the eastern edge of San Francisco’s Bay Area,  RH USA is our most innovative and progressed site, specialized in laser diode and optic based assemblies for medical devices. RH USA is your gateway to success.


Rh CORP- Quality Worldwide

Fully controlled Supply Chaim management service from china to all over the world at the palm of your hand allowing you to expand as far as you want and evolving yourself to wherever you want to reach


Our Recent addition to the RH family,RH EUROPE is our bridge to Europe. located in Romania RH EUROPE offers advanced technologies assemblies in a uncompromised quality