Rh ensures excellent quality and service for its customers through the personal service provided to them by a project manager who accompanies the solution planning and production process at all stages, with the assistance of a customer relation management system

At the same time, the production lines at rh are monitored by a quality team consisting of skilled, qualified inspectors, who utilize some of the world’s most advanced test methodologies and devices

Complete (100%) Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) and Paste Inspection and Con- trolled (POI) at component assembly stage production according to IPC standards at industrial and aerospace levels.
Computerized visual sampling tests in accordance with the ISO 2859 standard and ANSI.


ASQC Z1.4 standards

  • Tests according to the AS9100 standard for products in the aviation and defense fields
  • X-ray machine for quality tests invisible component placements (BGA and micro BGA elements)
  • A three-dimensional optic fiber microscope and two-dimensional microscopes for X8-


X60 magnifications

  •  ERSA Scope – a fiber optic instrument for microscopic visual inspection after reflow ovens, of ball soldering of BGA elements and elements with bottom soldering.
  •  A Valor computerized tracking and monitor- ing system that operates by scanning bar- codes, providing real-time information concerning the quality of production and early warning    of exceeding the SPC control limits.
  •  Computerized quality report system (Valor BI) for receiving reports on the quality of production and processes.