End to End Solutions

Rh allows its customers to enjoy an the entire production chain under a single roof

  •  Production of electronics cards using the world’s most advanced equipment and manufacturing measures, using high technology that includes the use of VALOR software for con- trolling production processes and quality, and using computerized vision devices for process control and inspection.
  •  A range of production, integration, testing and packing lines that are adapted to customer product technologies and needs.
  •  Transformation of a development product file to a production file (DFM – Design for Manufacturing)
  •  Design for testing – DFT
  •  Design and production of test equipments ac- cording to the product requirements
  •  Transfer support from new development to mass production, including purchasing of elements
  •  Manufacturing of all parts of the product using the Group’s companies capabilities
  •  Tests at the card, assembly and complete system level
  •  Forwarding the finished product to customer destinations and to the end user sites