About RH Technologies

R.H. Technologies Group serves as a primary contractor in the manufacturing and assembly of electronic systems and assemblies, as part of outsourcing agreements with customers in the advanced technology field, which engage in the development, design and marketing of the final product.

In addition, the Group manufactures equipment, metal kits and machining parts for various systems. These services are provided both as a complementary service to the Group’s activity as a primary contractor in the manufacturing of electronic systems and as a standalone service for companies that engage in the manufacture and assembly of other systems.

The products manufactured by R.H. Technologies group. include wireless communication systems, Internet communication systems, communication junction boxes, webcams, home protection systems, junction boxes for cable television companies, medical systems, electronic modules and cabinets for industrial machines, modules for aerospace and military systems and more.

The products of the Group, most of which are intended for marketing around the world, are integrated with the customers’ final product, and are often utilized as a final product

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